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SHARE is evaluating the impact of SisterWeb’s program to provide community doula care to pregnant Black and Pacific Islander women.

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of information are you collecting?

We are collecting many different kinds of information: interviews and surveys with clients of SisterWeb; surveys with women who don’t want a doula; interviews with former clients of SisterWeb; surveys with Labor & Delivery providers; interviews with doulas and doula mentors; interviews with families and L&D providers; and surveys with women who previously gave birth in San Francisco.


What will the information be used for?

The information will be used to help improve SisterWeb’s programs. The interviews and other data we are collecting will help us understand the things that promote good birth outcomes and the things that are barriers to improving birth outcomes in San Francisco.


Who will see my data?

All data will be securely saved, and only the UC Berkeley researchers will see the data. The researchers will summarize the data and share the findings with SisterWeb and other people interested in community doula care so that they can help improve SisterWeb’s program.


What if I decide I don’t want to participate?

Not a problem! Participation in any part of the study is completely your choice. If you have a doula through SisterWeb, it won’t affect your care in any way.


Can I find out the results of the study?

Yes! We will write up our findings and share the results in different ways. We will post information about how to learn more about our findings when we have completed the data collection and analysis portions of the study.



Email us:

Call or text: 510-859-7602

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