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Person-Centered Contraceptive Access Metrics Project

Project Summary

Efforts to expand contraceptive access in the United States are stymied by the lack of person-centered data, that is, they neglect whether individuals’ contraceptive access needs—as they define them—are being met. This project aimed to: (1) establish national levels of person-centered contraceptive access, including use of preferred method, use of preferred service delivery approach, met informational needs, and experiences of challenges or delays obtaining contraception; and (2) use these data to enrich national contraceptive surveillance approaches and develop targeted strategies to improve contraceptive access. Informed by a reproductive health equity framework, this project laid the groundwork for aligning efforts to expand contraceptive access with the needs of the most under-resourced communities.


Our project occurred in three phases from 2021 to 2023. In Phase 1, we conducted deep stakeholder engagement, eliciting input from a diverse range of stakeholders on better approaches to conceptualizing and measuring contraceptive need. In Phase 2, we developed a national survey, conducted cognitive interviews and solicited expert review to refine the survey items, and fielded a nationally representative online survey to estimate the national level of contraceptive need using a variety of measurement approaches. In Phase 3, we convened a working group of key stakeholders to identify priority metrics and develop and implement strategies to disseminate findings and transform contraceptive surveillance and access.


Project Team



Anu Manchikanti Gómez, PhD, MSc (Principal Investigator)

Director, Sexual Health and Reproductive Equity (SHARE) Program

Associate Professor, UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare


Cassondra J. Marshall, DrPH, MPH (Co-Investigator)

Affiliated Faculty, SHARE program

Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley School of Public Health




Jennet Arcara, PhD, MPH, MPP

Research Data Analyst, SHARE Program


Ariana Bennett, DrPH, MPH

Postdoctoral Scholar, SHARE Program

Project Team
Metrics and Survey Items
Publications and Briefs

Estimates of use of preferred contraceptive method in the United States: a population-based study


This study presents new data from the U.S. on preferred contraceptive method use, a person-centered contraceptive access indicator. Additionally, we examine the association between key aspects of person-centered healthcare access and preferred contraceptive method use.

  • Gómez AM, Bennett AH, Arcara J, Stern L, Bardwell J, Cadena D, Chaudhri A, Davis L, Dehlendorf C, Frederiksen B,  Labiran C, McDonald-Mosley, Rice WS, Stein T, Valladares ES, Kavanaugh M, Marshall C. (2024). “Estimates of Use of Preferred Contraceptive Method in the United States: A Population-Based Study.” Lancet Regional Health-Americas 30(100662).

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Publications and Briefs

We developed a survey to assess contraceptive needs and access among a national sample in the U.S. and fielded a nationally representative survey using NORC’s AmeriSpeak Panel between January-March 2022. We convened stakeholders in a series of 3 working group meetings to select and develop person-centered metrics related to contraceptive need and access. This document includes: (1) the survey questions needed to construct these metrics; and (2) relevant follow-up questions to contextualize the data.

Metrics and Survey Items

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